A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Cat + Toast = Cato = Buttered cat paradox = Anti-gravity

A puzzle platformer made during 2022 BOOOM Gamejam

  • Toast jump = Space,toast switch direction = Shift
  • Kitty move = arrow keys
  • Cato jump/float = Space,disassemble = z

R = restart

Controller is supported

Art/Design: Frank
Code/TA: Blasin
Levels: Blasin & Frank

Yes, we will develop Cato into a complete Steam game!

Twitter: @Cato_TeamWoll
Weibo: @Cato_黄油猫咪永动机游戏

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(91 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Platformer
TagsPixel Art


Cato 0.6.5 Win.zip 75 MB
Cato 0.6.5 Mac.zip 84 MB
Cato 0.6.5 Linux.zip 75 MB
Cato 0.6.5 Android.apk 66 MB

Development log


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Jogo incrível um dos únicos jogos que fez eu sorrir quando acabou

Is the language only in Japanese? I’ve figured out enough to navigate so no problem if there’s no other language yet, but just curious.

Currently, the demo version does not require text for gameplay. However, the full version in the future will support multiple languages. 

bro its very epic!


My phone is concerned that it may be a dangerous app

The physics is strange, and it on Japan/Chinese(?) language :(


The physics will be tweaked in the official release, and there will also be multiple language options available.

Sorry, I didn’t figure it out at first.

so tasty! >:D

I need more, we must make Cato lore..

Its so fun and simple, but most importantly it is so cute! The controls are nice {eventhough i didnt use 1 of the functions). Had a blast. ♥


Glad you like it! Thank you for playing!

Amazing game definitely recommend i wish it could be longer though👍


Its a demo👍


good job, i enjoyed the game

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funny cat go spin


I love the game's theme and style! it's very nice and entertaining!



Nice video, Thank you for playing!

This is a very good short game and free. You need to try it!


This concept is very creative and fun, and the movement also feels smooth and intuitive, I really enjoyed playing!


Really good work. madness has become a game. Thank you i love this


Just awesome.


To some extent, this is a genius-absurd concept. But how cool it is implemented!

The cat always falls on its paws, the butter sandwich always falls butter down... Together they break the space-time continuum. The universe cannot allow such a serious threat. Therefore, through the puzzles you have to get out together with the cat and the bread.

I like that the game is short, but it does not bother, it feels full-fledged, the interface is intuitive, the plot is simple and clear, new mechanics appear over time (Cats are liquid! Yes! A miracle of technology for a toaster in action!), graphics can be called an example of successful styling and working with color.

I'm glad I spent my time on this game.


Thank you for your kind words!

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good game wow one of the best platformer games

i love this game so much even though im not a fan of the genre. the beautiful art helped a lot. so sad it is still so short. 🥲

i also want to point out a possible level design issue and a bug in the level before the last.

first, if the bread ends up in the area that you see in the picture below, you're left without options to move on, am i right? was it on purpose?

but at the same time, yes, you have an option, because a bug will let your slice of bread slip under the door. 😂

hope this was helpful and that im not just talking bs. 🙃

are you going to port the game to a different engine given what's happening with unity?

best of luck in any case. 🧡


Thank you so much for loving our game!  We are currently working on the full version of the game, which will have more content to offer!

Regarding the bugs you mentioned. We have already addressed them in new versions. However, we have decided to keep the demo version on itch.io as it would require additional time and resources to switch it out. 

As for the engine change, we have decided not to switch at the moment. We are already halfway through the development of the full version.

Once again, thank you for enjoying our game! Feel free to follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Cato_TeamWoll for updates and news!


thank you very much for the reply.

wish you all the best. 💖


best game every I love cato :] a good art style and good puzzles you  you could call it purrrfect game :D




9/10 game 

i love the artstyle and i love the idea


This game is very good and very cute!! Simple but fun :))


Tem futuro :)





This game looks so cool


Забавная игра 😄

Playing on Android, Cato seems to have trouble with the 4:3 aspect ratio. Specifically on the second level, part of the playable area is off the screen.


Sorry about that, the gamejam version is not appropriate design for 4:3 aspect ratio. We will fix it in official version! Thank you for playing.

Good job!

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It was good. Hard for my first time but good for me nonetheless


super fun, super cute, super awesome!!!! i love the mechanics and how clever it is!!


spinning cat

好赞呃啊啊无论是想法还是玩法还是音效还是超超超可爱的动画!被打磨的好棒!!真的是好厉害好精致的游戏 游玩体验10/10!!!!!

Very cute and fun game! 

I did not know that you can use Shift to change direction. But since i completed the game despite that, I think it is a fun way to challenge yourself.


Cats aren't liquid, cats are at plasma levels, not only liquid but also H O T of so cute they are.

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